Château Saincrit

Bordeaux Supérieur AOC
Florence Prud'homme, born and raised in the Bordeaux supérieur appellation and owner of Chateau Saincrit, offers wine that blends various styles and tastes.

The Story of Saincrit

Since the 19th century
It was at the end of the 19th century that Vincent Saincrit, a miller by profession, decided to plant a vineyard on the hillside of Montalon. Between Blaye, Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, and laying a stones throw from the 45th parallel north, an imaginary line, which somehow expresses the beautiful balance that we feel here.

Our Wine

A very personal approach
Florence has a very personal approach to the creation of her wines. The wine embodies a strong feminine touch and adds a warm and festive atmosphere. Discover Chateau Saincrit, in red, white and rosé, via your local merchant or directly at the property ...


A land rich in history and secrets


Bordeaux wine prepares for climate change


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