Florence Prud'homme

Born and raised on the land, Florence Prud'homme welcomes you to Château Saincrit

In 2003, after 10 years working as a management assistant in a reputable wines and spirits group, Florence Prud’homme turned her life long dream of owning her own Château into a reality and purchased Château Saincrit. In the beginning only 4.5 hectares of the land was exploited, whereas today nearly 23 hectares are worked to produce red, white and rosé wines that boutique wine lovers know the world over.

“You don’t become a winemaker on a whim, it’s a well thought out decision and a passion. My love for nature, to work with the land and my desire to be close to these ideals where the major attractions for this adventure. It was in 2003 that I drove the rebirth of Château Saincrit, a property existing for over three generations: To take over a vineyard, it is a difficult choice because one can not deny its past and the way in which it was worked and been for years/ There is a time for observation at the rhythm of the seasons … a bit like a mariage”

Florence Prud’homme